Curriculum Vitæ


A career with jobs both creative and technical. My passion is in exploring where those two meet.


2006 — present

Bit Beyond, LLC

Founder, Software Engineer, Web designer, Web Developer
Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA
  • Designed and developed www.thepatchbay.com (40K lines of code)
  • Designed and/or developed numerous CMS based sites for clients
  • Contributor to open-source Silverstripe CMS including bug fix in REST API as well as UI and lexical improvements
  • Dozens of contract jobs for Alcatel-Lucent (banners, coding, and technical documentation)


Computer Sciences Corporation (Dept of Defense)

Senior Professional Field Engineer
Okinawa, JP
  • Rebuilt the X-Serve at the IT Division HQ of DoDEA Pacific
  • Remotely rebuilt entire DoDEA Pacific Mac deployment, 600 computers spread across 60 locations, and brought all units back online and to spec
  • Fielded calls from dozens of Account Technologists (AT) regarding all things Mac
  • Closed, on average, about 15 tickets per day with clearly written, succinct notes
  • Issued patches and updates in accordance with Homeland Security IAVA policy
  • Maintained program to query and process data transported from DC to Guam
  • Granted NACLC security clearance from Federal Office of Personnel Management
  • As our top tier system administrator, if I couldn't do it, it couldn’t be done

2008 — 2009

Red McCombs Media

Software Engineer, Web Developer
Austin, TX
  • UI design and custom coded mass e-mail application for marketing team
  • Developed and tested CMS driven and custom coded sites for corporate clients
  • Wrote all front end code from Photoshop comps and wireframes for design team


Guitar Center

Pro Audio Department Sales
San Francisco
  • Specialized in sales of Macintosh based DAW and Virtual Instruments

1999 — 2005

Apple Computer, Inc

Tier Two PowerBook Technical Support
Austin, TX
  • Team lead in TSPS (Technical Service Provider Support)
  • Taught class on audio production with Logic Pro to Tier 1 reps
  • Taught class on soft (people) skills to Tier 1 reps
  • Fielded (on average) 25 calls per day with a 15 minute call resolution
  • Usually had the highest FCR (First Call Resolution) on my team

1996 — 1999

Fat Tracks Recording

Founder, Manager, Audio Engineer, Graphic Designer
Austin, TX
  • Built and maintained four Mac stations for graphics, mastering, production, and office use
  • Grossed $200,000 in sales after first year of business
  • Maintained the books using QuickBooks and manual double entry accounting methods
  • Graphics & layout on over 60 records, CDs, and posters for recording artists
  • Recorded, mastered, and mfg 250 record & CD projects
  • Managed four employees who held various full and part time positions
  • Studio featured in Mix, EQ Magazine, and Austin Chronicle article written by KGSR’s Andy Langer
  • Photos & graphics for CD featuring Willie Nelson mentioned on Leno and Entertainment Tonight
  • Co-mastered record with Dave McNair (produced Jimmy Vaughn, Melvins, and Kyuss)
  • Notable clients include:
    • Forest of Waveform Records & nationally syndicated FM radio show Musical Starstreams
    • Morton Subotnik, who designed world’s first synth playable in realtime
    • Silver Scooter, who’s record I cut entered the CMJ charts at number one
    • Starfish, final release from seminal punk label Trance Syndicate


System Administration

  • Implementation and administration of Open Directory and Active Directory networks (magic triangle)
  • Mac OS X, GNU Linux, FreeBSD Unix, and Windows (limited) system administration
  • Troubleshooting network routers, switches, TCP/IP, ethernet, WiFi, DNS (Bind), DHCP, Kerberos, LDAP
  • Mac OS and Unix command line & scripting (Applescript, bash, vi, sed, awk, etc.)
  • Remote Mac client management with Remote Desktop and JAMF Casper Suite
  • Centrify DirectControl for Active Directory integration

Web Design

  • Responsive UX & UI design concepts and best practices
  • Experience with wireframing, prototyping, and UML
  • Proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark XPress

Web Development

  • Test driven development using Agile methodologies
  • OOP design principals & patterns with emphasis on MVC architecture
  • Semantic markup & styling using modern standards (CSS/ HTML5/ XHTML/ XML)
  • Front end scripting (Javascript/ Ajax/ JQuery/ Prototype/ MooTools)
  • Back end development using PHP5 and Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Database design, optimization, and SQL (MySQL)
  • Web server configuration and administration (Apache/ NGiNX)
  • Source code management (Subversion/ Git) with Continuous Integration (CI)
  • CMS development (Silverstripe/ Drupal/ Wordpress)

Multimedia Authoring

  • Logic Pro X/ Ableton Live/ Native Instruments Komplete
  • Modern audio and MIDI production techniques
  • Final Cut Pro


  • San Jacinto College — Philosophy, Astronomy (National Dean’s List)



  • Security +

Apple, Inc.

  • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC)


  • Certified Casper Administrator (CCA) -Dec, ’15


  • Sierra Club
  • American Alpine Club
  • Access Fund
  • Free Software Foundation
  • American Mensa