Software Engineer


Code is my craft. I create elegant technical solutions to vexing problems in the software domain. My passion is in automating processes for increased productivity.


Web Development

  • Test driven development using Agile methodologies
  • OOP design principals & patterns with emphasis on MVC architecture
  • Semantic markup & styling using modern standards (CSS/ HTML5/ XHTML/ XML)
  • Front end scripting (Javascript/ Ajax/ JQuery/ Prototype/ MooTools)
  • Back end development using PHP5 and Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Database design, optimization, and SQL (MySQL)
  • Apache configuration and administration
  • Source code management (Subversion/ Git)
  • CMS development (Silverstripe/ Drupal/ Wordpress)


2006 — 2015

Bit Beyond, LLC

Founder, Software Engineer, Web designer, Web Developer
Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA
  • Completed my site www.thepatchbay.com (40K lines of code)
  • Designed and/or developed numerous CMS based sites for clients
  • Contributions to Silverstripe include bug fix in REST API and UI improvements
  • Dozens of contract jobs for Alcatel-Lucent (web banners, coding, and technical documentation)

2008 — 2009

Red McCombs Media

Software Engineer, Web Developer
Austin, TX
  • Database design and UI to heavy data e-mail marketing system for enterprise team
  • Built and maintained CMS driven and custom coded sites for corporate clients