System Administrator


Top-Tier System Administrator with 20 years experience on Apple and Unix based systems.


System Administration

  • Implementation and administration of Open Directory and Active Directory networks (Magic Triangle)
  • Centrify DirectControl for Active Directory integration
  • Remote Mac client management with Remote Desktop and JAMF Casper Suite
  • Mac OS and Unix command line & scripting (bash, vi, Applescript)
  • Troubleshooting network routers, switches, TCP/IP, ethernet, WiFi, DNS (Bind), DHCP, Kerberos, LDAP
  • Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD Unix, and Windows (limited) system administration
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience with every Mac system from System 7 to Mac OS X 10.8.x



  • Security +

Apple, Inc.

  • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC)



Computer Sciences Corporation (Dept of Defense)

Senior Professional Field Engineer
Okinawa, JP
  • Rebuilt the XServe at the IT Division of DoDEA Pacific
  • Remotely, almost single-handedly, whipped the entire, DoDEA Pacific, million+ dollar Mac deployment into shape
  • Fielded calls from dozens of Account Technologists (AT) regarding all things Mac
  • Issued rapid patches and updates in accordance with Homeland Security IAVA policy
  • Maintained codebase for program that queries and processes data from several DoD installations
  • Granted NACLC security clearance from the Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

1999 — 2005

Apple Computer, Inc

Tier Two PowerBook Technical Support
Austin, TX
  • Team lead in TSPS (Technical Service Provider Support)
  • Taught class on audio production with Logic Pro to Tier 1 reps
  • Taught class on soft (people) skills to Tier 1 reps
  • Fielded (on average) 25 calls per day with a 15 minute call resolution
  • Usually had the highest FCR (First Call Resolution) on my team